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Cinnamon Rolls

I’m waiting for nothin! I’m just jumping in with lame pictures and all.

So there.











These are some cinnamon rolls I made off the Pioneer Woman website.


She has a great site with a lot more than just wonderful recipes…check her out.

This recipe makes a TON! And this was using just half the dough!! 











 But, I must say, it was a very tender dough…not chewy and bready like some cinnamon rolls. The changes I made were 1. I used softened butter instead of melting it. 2. I used brown sugar instead of white.  Then, along with a healthy dose of cinnamon, I beat them into a spreadable paste. I didn’t want any leakage.

OK, get ready. Here comes the blurry photos of the finished buns. At this point, the house smelled like heaven.











These just melt in your mouth…

Here they are with some maple glaze on top…half the pans got this treatment. And I must say, the glaze was not overly sweet or overly maple-y.  I think this was due to the addition of some coffee into the glaze. I liked them both ways-glazed or un-glazed. I am such a cinnamon bun whore! Do me glazed, do me unglazed…just DO me.












Ree, you’re a dangerous woman.

I think I’ll wait til Christmas to make them next, and give them as presents to neighbors and friends.

OK, Toni, you’re up. what did YOU cook today? Love ya


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