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Garden is growin’


Sorry I’ve been gone so long but the pooter crashed and I had to wait for a trip south to get it fixed. For free. In 3 hours. YAY! Too good to be true, no? I love warranty’s.

As you can see, our tomatoes are up to my sisters boobies. The one she is standing in front of is called a chocolate cherry tomato, but she assures me it’s just describing the color, not the taste. We’ll see. We ate chard from the garden tonight but I didn’t get a picture of the dish before we demolished it. It was chard sauteed with bacon and onion, served over pasta with a butternut squash/cream sauce. Yum. The spinach is just about big enough to harvest and her first fava beans are forming. I have no idea what to do with a fava bean but she says she does. One cucumber harvested so far and lots of radishes.  Lettuce is in full swing.  Salads fresh from the garden are divine and we like to throw in a handful of fresh herbs diced up small to add a fresh zing to them. Thyme, oregano and mint so far. My tarragon went straight to flower and for some reason we can’t get a flat leafed parsley to survive this year. Lemon balm and dill are struggling to grow but will make it. The dirt is not that great here. And that reminds me, I completely forgot about the Vietnamese cilantro in the corner, will have to try that tomorrow.


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