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Too many tomatoes!!

2009_08010004These are a row of  5 cherry tomato plants-well over 6 feet tall and churning out tomatoes like nobodys business. We are giving them away at work and stopping people on the street to offer them. Cucumbers are plentiful, too. We use them in salads, of course but also to make “Spa Mix” which is a concoction to mix with gin (or vodka) for an evening libation. It sounded weird when sister Terri told me about it and mixed up her first batch but we love it and so did Sebastian, visiting from DC. You know how a Mojito tastes very light and summery? This is along those lines.

Spa Mix

This is a half batch.

3 cucumbers, sliced thin

11 ozs. Agave sweetener-1 bottle

4-5 ozs. fresh lemon juice

10 juniper berries (+ or-)

10 cardamon pods (+ or-)

1T. coriander seeds

2 bay leaves

Put all in a glass jar and mix well. Cover and chill at least overnight. Strain. Put a few spoonfuls (to taste) into a tall glass, add gin and soda water. Stir. Add ice cubes. YUM!


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