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These little guys are what is left of a herd of them Marg and I made for Thanksgiving Dinner appetizers. With the leftover cream cheese, Marg seasoned it up a bit and made an igloo out of it on a plate. Then we put around 2 dozen of these guys around the igloo.

Large or jumbo olives for the body.

Small olives for the heads.

Cream cheese for the stuffed shirt.

Slim carrots for making feet and beaks.


Cut the peeled carrots into 1/4 ” rounds. Cut a wedge out for the feet. Cut said wedge into several beaks…. Smoosh some softened and beat up cream cheese into the openings you cut out of the jumbo olives. Top with small olive. Center on a carrot/ foot base and ram that toothpick all the way down through the little critter–don’t worry-he likes it. Carefully  get a small sliver of carrot right in the face center and you’re done. Some get strips of pimento peppers (or sundried tomatoes in oil) and fashion scarves around their necks.


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Saffroned Parsnips

OK, this photo does not do these justice. They were beautiful. And delicious. New easy vegetable dish.

Saffroned Parsnips

4 good sized, firm parsnips (not too huge or they get woody)

peel, dice in 3/4 ” size, and cover with water. Bring to boil, cover and simmer until tender. while these are cooking,

Bloom 1 pinch saffron threads in 2 tsp. lemon juice

warm up about a half cup of milk, or less depending on the size of your parsnips

2-3 Tb. butter.

When parsnips are tender, drain well, put back in the hot saucepan you cooked them in, add half the milk, lemon/saffron mix and a couple shakes of salt. Beat with a hand mixer til smooth, adding more milk as needed to get desired consistency.

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